What is happening

  • League Info
    • Exports data for League Info (e.g. teams and nicknames) and Team Standings.
  • Rosters
    • Exports data for Rosters on each team and Free Agents.
  • Weekly Stats
    • Exports data for Schedules, Team Stats, and Player Stats.

Export data in this order

  1. League Info
  2. Weekly Stats (select the week that was just completed)
    • Select "All Weeks" to build the schedule for a new league or if you started a new season.
    • During the Playoffs: Export last week completed, and then export current week.
      • E.g. If you last advanced Wild Card round, you have to export Divisional Round to get the schedule.
  3. Rosters

What is happening

  • League Info
    • Updates Team > Standings.
  • Rosters
    • Updates Player > Ratings.
  • Schedule / Team Stats
    • Updates Team > Stats and Schedule.
  • Player Stats
    • Updates Player > Stats.

Sync data in this order

  1. League Info
    • Takes a second to update.
  2. Rosters
    • Takes ~2-3 minutes to update.
  3. Schedule / Team Stats
    • Takes ~15 seconds per week to update.
  4. Player Stats
    • Takes ~1-2 minutes to update.
  5. Delete Export Database
    • Takes ~15 seconds to delete.